Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weirdness and Boredum

So it's been dull, I've been at my project partners house since I got off work last night coding. So much code, second year project consumes my life. We are on a break right now..... apparently we are going out for fresh air soon. I'm surprised that she even let me sleep (went to bed at 4, actually she let me sleep in it was awesome).

Anyways I was a work yesterday and something weird happened. A girl walked up to the counter..
Girl: Hey, are you J?
Me: Ummmm...... yes....
Girl: Oh hi! I'm (I can't even remember her name, cause I'm terrible at names).
Me: uh-huh
Girl: P's never mentioned me? Ah man I'm gonna kill him, I'm his best friend. You should tell him he need to hang out with me more.

At this point I think "Oh Shit". Because P is this guy that I've been kinda seeing, in the way that occasionally he calls me asks if I need a ride home then spends the night. He pulled the "where is this going" question, and I honestly told him not anywhere. He asked if we should slow down, and I said not unless he wanted to. Then he said "So we'll just keep this up and see how it goes." And I told, explicitly not to wait or me, that waiting or me would end badly. And since then whenever he expresses interest in another girl I tell him to ask her out.

Anyways so last night while at project partners house he called me. I brought up the girl that came to see me at work, and he said "Yeah, she works around the corner from you. I told her about how we're kinda.... sorta .... dating." 

So yeah, now I think I have to draw the line in a thicker marker.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Didn't Sleep With Him!

So I'm getting given a car in May, but I'm sadly lacking a drivers license. But it's alright because I've had my learner's long enough to schedule my test anytime, I just need to learn. Not a problem: that's what Needy Boy is for. I may sound slightly like a bitch when I write this but here's how it is:

NB is an old family friend that got in contact with me last time I was single. We went on one date and it was great, we hit it off and I spent the night(not all that unusual for me, in fact I refer to my self as a slut but as my friends like to say "No you're just confident and like sex".). The problem: I expected this to be, well not a one time thing, but things to proceed at a slow pace, him seeing other people, me seeing others and seeing how it went. NB Didn't see it this way. He called me almost 10 times a day, would text me during class asking if I wanted to grab lunch the hour I had free between classes. He got upset when he called me and I was busing home from a concert and hadn't called for him to pick me up.... We had been on one date, I didn't expect him to be at my beck and call for rides! I stopped returning his calls and he showed up at my work to ask why. I told him I had gotten back together with my ex (which was actually true) and he left off for awhile. 

This December he nicely wished me a happy birthday and merry Christmas, so I decided what was the harm in talking to him again? I was safely in a relationship and out of his clingy reach. So we started talking again and he offered me a ride to his mothers on New Years Day (family tradition we always go). Hung out, things were safely moving into friend territory. Then he started hitting on me anyway, even though I made it very clear I was attached to the guy I was dating (and had been dating for over a year). Then me and the boyfriend split and I was left fielding NB calls.

I was doing well until he offered me driving lessons. I mean, I can't very well turn down free driving lessons, can I? My alero is just so pretty and will be left undriven and lonely if I don't learn to drive! So I figured I get a lesson he gets a date, we both get what we want. So, he called me today wanting to know if I wanted to drive tonight, at the time I was holding a pan of cupcakes and had just missed the bus to meet the people that I was bribing with said cupcakes. So he gave me a lift to my meeting and then a lesson. I went back to his place watched a movie had some pizza and a beer and then.... Didn't sleep with him! Which anyone who knows me would know, is a huge surprise. Though I don't know which leads him on more, sleeping with him or not but that's for me to deal with later.

Monday, March 2, 2009

All Work No Play

So It's Monday, almost 9:30. This would usually mean that I would be at a particular bar drinking while looking up songs so I could make an ass of myself when Karaoke started at 10. But alas, that is not going to happen (probably to the benefit of those poor souls who are not my friends at that bar). This is mostly said because now I don't get my weekly dose of Cute Comp-Sci Boy. CCB is a friends of many of my friends. Unfortunately one of these friends is total kill joy and says he's too "innocent" for me. Mostly I think kill joy just doesn't like the idea of me making a move on someone he has to see everyday.  But meh.

Instead of figuring this all out, I'm at home desperately trying to make sense of some fellow group members' code for second year project. It's really my own fault I didn't show up for a group meeting and now I got stuck with all the testing, and everything else is a jumbled mess...... I need more beer.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


A little while ago I became single after dating the same guy or awhile. I tend to jump from relationship to relationship and usually end up hating it because I suck at monogamy. So I've decided I'm trying this new experiment called being single. I thought this experiment of mine could use documentation, so here I am ready to share all of my adventures and sexcapades. Hopefully my school work doesn't suffer too much.