Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weirdness and Boredum

So it's been dull, I've been at my project partners house since I got off work last night coding. So much code, second year project consumes my life. We are on a break right now..... apparently we are going out for fresh air soon. I'm surprised that she even let me sleep (went to bed at 4, actually she let me sleep in it was awesome).

Anyways I was a work yesterday and something weird happened. A girl walked up to the counter..
Girl: Hey, are you J?
Me: Ummmm...... yes....
Girl: Oh hi! I'm (I can't even remember her name, cause I'm terrible at names).
Me: uh-huh
Girl: P's never mentioned me? Ah man I'm gonna kill him, I'm his best friend. You should tell him he need to hang out with me more.

At this point I think "Oh Shit". Because P is this guy that I've been kinda seeing, in the way that occasionally he calls me asks if I need a ride home then spends the night. He pulled the "where is this going" question, and I honestly told him not anywhere. He asked if we should slow down, and I said not unless he wanted to. Then he said "So we'll just keep this up and see how it goes." And I told, explicitly not to wait or me, that waiting or me would end badly. And since then whenever he expresses interest in another girl I tell him to ask her out.

Anyways so last night while at project partners house he called me. I brought up the girl that came to see me at work, and he said "Yeah, she works around the corner from you. I told her about how we're kinda.... sorta .... dating." 

So yeah, now I think I have to draw the line in a thicker marker.

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