Monday, March 2, 2009

All Work No Play

So It's Monday, almost 9:30. This would usually mean that I would be at a particular bar drinking while looking up songs so I could make an ass of myself when Karaoke started at 10. But alas, that is not going to happen (probably to the benefit of those poor souls who are not my friends at that bar). This is mostly said because now I don't get my weekly dose of Cute Comp-Sci Boy. CCB is a friends of many of my friends. Unfortunately one of these friends is total kill joy and says he's too "innocent" for me. Mostly I think kill joy just doesn't like the idea of me making a move on someone he has to see everyday.  But meh.

Instead of figuring this all out, I'm at home desperately trying to make sense of some fellow group members' code for second year project. It's really my own fault I didn't show up for a group meeting and now I got stuck with all the testing, and everything else is a jumbled mess...... I need more beer.

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